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  • Tom Rhodes Law Firm P.C. Wins $67,470,000 Oilfield Crash Verdict*

    || 3-Sep-2015

    The Tom Rhodes Law Firm trial team of Tom Rhodes, Bob Brzezinski, and Erin Oglesby, with the assistance of Sam Royston, just obtained a verdict of $67,470,000 for a young man injured by an oilfield service company truck. Our client, a 19-year-old, was riding as a passenger in a small truck driven by a friend. The friend attempted a u-turn from the right shoulder on a 70 mph, two-lane county road. ...
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  • 4 Important Federal Trucking Laws You Should Know

    || 23-Jul-2015

    In 2013, the Federal Highway Administration ranked the state of Texas second for the busiest highways in the country. On average, a shocking 55.7 billion miles is accumulated with the amount of drivers traveling on Texas interstates. Of course, truckers make up for a large amount of the miles calculated in that statistic. As a result, truck accidents account for a large amount of trucking ...
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  • Have you ever driven drowsy? Or worse yet, fallen asleep while driving? Believe it or not, you may have fallen asleep while driving, but just may not have been aware. You see, when the brain is operating on such little energy to work with, it is possible for it to “fall asleep” in a split second, even though your eyes are wide open and you are fully aware of the road. That is why ...
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  • Federal Officials Weigh in on Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

    || 11-Feb-2015

    Amid the ongoing debate surrounding marijuana legalization, one of the top concerns has been how marijuana use impacts roadway safety. In states that already legalize marijuana for recreational use, and in states that are debating new laws, roadway safety has been a top priority - and it’s often a reason to block legislation. Based on newly released data from federal officials, however, ...
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  • Late-Model Cars Decrease Death Risk, Study Says

    || 2-Feb-2015

    A new study from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety is highlighting a significant drop in the risks of traffic fatalities for motorists who drive late-model cars or light trucks. The study also found that nine newer vehicle models had zero deaths per million registered vehicles. Researchers reviewed traffic fatality statistics involving 2011 vehicle models and how many driver deaths ...
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  • Texas Officials Look for Ways to Stem Drunk Driving

    || 19-Nov-2014

    Next week is Thanksgiving and the unofficial beginning of the holiday season. During this time of year – as with most holidays – American roadways see a sharp increase in the number of alcohol-related accidents, injuries, and deaths. Knowing that DWI enforcement will become a top priority for law enforcement agencies across the state, officials from the Texas Department of ...
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